The Search is Over

The Art of Making Super-Fast Vector Illustrations, written by John Neiner, was born from his desire to… well, find a quicker way of making cartoon vectors! John found himself frequently annoyed that most “cartoon vector” tutorials on the web involved HOURS if not DAYS of tracing a sketch with the pen tool using Adobe® Illustrator® software.

This began John’s “quest to find a better way” which ultimately resulted in this tutorial offered by Pixel Graphic Design Studio. The method that John details, through the pages of this PDF tutorial, allows an artist to create finished vector art in a fraction of the time it typically takes—all WITHOUT the use of the Adobe Illustrator ‘Pen Tool’!

Who Should Purchase This PDF?

This tutorial is written specifically for those who have Adobe Illustrator (CS2 or later) and who also have a graphics tablet. These 2 pieces of equipment are key to this method and the speed in which the vectors can be created.

Artists, Illustrators, Cartoonists, Comic Book Artist and Graphic Designers would all greatly benefit from the methods described in this tutorial.

What You Get

  • 30 page PDF detailing a specific method for creating vector art using Adobe Illustrator software and a graphics tablet.
  • The original file of the sketch used throughout the PDF as the example image.
  • The finished Illustrator file created by the methods described in the tutorial. This finished file can be pulled apart to better understand the steps within the tutorial.
Limited Time Offer: $14.99 (Normally $19.99)